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West Coast Swing (WCS) is a linear style of partner dancing that has a very smooth look to it. The dance allows for a great deal of improvisation  and musical interpretation. WCS is one of the  most adaptable partner dance styles around today and is danced to a wide variety of music. Enjoyed by dancers globally, WCS is considered to be The dancers dance.

Have some fun too!

DanceSwingUK has a proven track record in promoting social WCS dancing. Our regular weekly dance classes teach it, Our Swing Social dances (some of the most popular in the UK) reinforce it. When we tell you the focus of our event is on sociality with lots of freestyle

fun you know that it’s the very least you’ll get!

With DanceSwingUK’s practical & intelligent approach to teaching, Our unique method will ensure you will receive all the fundamental technique needed and that you’ll enjoy learning this great dance as part of a friendly group. We draw on the many years of practical dance instructor experience, both here in the UK as well as the USA!

Our Approach has been endorsed by Robert Cordoba, Robert is a 7-time U.S. Open Swing Dance Champion,

Robert says: “I always look forward to coming back to help DanceSwingUK build the West Coast Swing community in the UK”

West Coast Swing

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DanceSwingUK Creative Director Mike Rosa together

with 7-time US Open  champion Robert Cordoba.